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Students from Kecskemét went on a study trip to Transylvania accompanied by an excursion

Students from Kecskemét went on a study trip to Transylvania accompanied by an excursion

At the end of May, 6th and 8th graders from Kertváros Primary School in Kecskemét visited famous places in Transylvania and discovered its natural and cultural treasures under the guidance of teacher Gabriella Cser. After the school year ended, the seventh graders set out with Hungarian language and literature teacher Mariana Kolcsar and their class teacher. The trip ended with great experiences for everyone. The teacher told our news portal about the trip.

The study trip, along with the class trip, covered the notable Transylvanian cities and the most important places connected with Hungarian history.

And so Vajdahunyad, hunadides nest, gyolafhirvir, sigisfar, sekyludvarhili, marosvasarli, turda. For the students, the trip was also an educational experience. Even before the trip, at the end of the school year, they took preparatory lessons in geography, literature and history related to historical places and events. Thus, they were able to understand the spirit of the place and get to know it better instantly. During the trip, they were also given a mission, and they had to keep a travel diary about what they saw and their experiences. They interviewed people from Székely, had to solve puzzles on the topic, give presentations and maintain an Instagram profile related to the trip.

During their wanderings, they covered 2,500 kilometers in one week. Their place of residence was in the Gyergyói Basin, Székelyvarság.

The students really enjoyed the programmes, they were very impressed with, for example, the tasting in Corondon, the presentation on making handicrafts made of mushrooms, or the symbols of the Sekele Gates. They happily threw themselves into the disc in the potter’s workshop. Savor the Transylvanian flavours, jams, juices, cheese and bear salami. They took part in making horn cakes, and then ate it with great satisfaction accompanied by tea made from a decoction of forest plants. They learned Transylvanian dances and learned about local traditions and customs at Alex Vincel Primary School in Gergiovallo. II. They followed in the footsteps of Ferenc Ráccosi and visited the memorial sites associated with him. They visited the tomb of Áron Tamási in Varkaslakan. They visited the Transylvanian Miniature Garden in Szejkefürdő, where they saw models of more than ninety historic Transylvanian buildings and medieval castles. In the Adventure Park, they took a cruise on the small steamer Székely, and visited the Balázs Orbán Visitor Center and the Balázs Orbán Tomb. They also viewed the Székelykapu Gallery where 13 beautiful gates can be seen.

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