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Struggling Ritas from Kestalje was so close to gold in the Women's World Water Polo Championship final: Hungary-USA 7-8

Struggling Ritas from Kestalje was so close to gold in the Women's World Water Polo Championship final: Hungary-USA 7-8

Third Quarter: Goalie Feats, Living Wall and Equalizer!

Garda's long-range attempt went off target and wide of the American goal. Attila asks Mihawk, but the ball slips out of Dora Lemaitre's hands in the penalty area. Garda blocks Musselman's shot, and we seek to equalize again. Szilágyi falls to the crossbar while the others are already swimming back. We had the advantage of another man, Kesteli shot from the middle, but the ball was not going well, it was blocked, it slowed down, it did not reach the goal. Adam Krikorian asks for some time so that the Americans can track him down. The goal looks to be coming for them, as Jordan Raney fires into the top left corner, but it is too late. It will not be given after the video!

Gorisatti had to shoot from the left, because we could have run out of attacking time as well, and it was blocked. Our defense is excellent, they don't even get a chance. And finally we catch them: they block Greta Kuruc-Gorisatti's attempt again, but it's a good one because the rebound deceives Johnson, 5-5.

After another feat by Boglárka Neszmély (4/4 save), we were banned with a man foul. The living wall is our protection! We could have gone ahead, but in vain we got a man advantage, we lost the ball.

Fourth quarter: The Americans have changed, but we have not given up

Vanda Vali brings the ball for the fourth time with a sore elbow. Rita Kizthili leaned over and patted him. American man Rachel Fattal fired the ball into the short corner from the back left, scoring her third goal on her third attempt, 5-6.

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After Johnson defends, a corner kick is awarded, then a counterattack, i.e. an offensive error. Shooting alongside him in a huge situation, they are also nervous, but so are we, once again sold on the man advantage!

We defended well again, but Johnson blocked Gorisatti's shot. And another American advantage and goal: Maggie Stevens, who used to play in Hungary, fires a transcendent pass without a look at the far post from close range, 5-7.

Their self-confidence returns: Ryan Noschul increases the Americans' lead to three goals with a poetic 5-8 drop.

Double man advantage, Rita Kisthili runs from the receiving side to the short corner, 6-8. Two and a half minutes left. The time for their attack was up, and they had no chance to fire. Dora Lemaitre managed to get our hopes up but she hit the crossbar. Musselman also hits iron. Co-Captain Attila Mihok asks for another minute. The goalkeeper also moves forward, we attack 7 by 6, and Garda Cristina passes it into the bottom right corner of the middle, 7-8.

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