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Strong emphasis on physics. It will be a simulation of a fantasy world

Strong emphasis on physics.  It will be a simulation of a fantasy world

Capcom seriously believes that after the first part, a concept that could not be implemented in 2012 (we wrote about this the other day) will be realized and realized.

Dragon’s Dogma II director Itsuno Hideaki and producer Hirabayashi Yoshiaki gave an interview to Japanese magazine Gamer during the Tokyo Game Show. Hirabayashi said that based on the results of their survey, one of the areas they focused on was a more realistic world, and they not only made it more realistic visually, but also in terms of gameplay. According to Itsuno, using physics calculations, the slope will also play a role in the gameplay. Being on higher ground is an advantage in combat, but climbing requires much more effort than moving on flat ground. Throwing something on the ground is much more harmful, and running downhill increases your speed. All of these are used to simulate a fantasy world.

It’s easy to lose your balance on slopes, so if you’re aiming for your opponent’s feet, it’ll be much easier for them to stumble (and even roll down the slope), and according to Itsuno, many of the laws of physics used in the real world will apply in Dragon’s Dogma II. According to Hirabayashi, this approach is a commitment to ensuring immersion in the game world, and movement feels different on flat ground and on slopes. He reiterated that attacking from above is more beneficial, and that if there was no difference in that, people would not feel that “I have to do my best to create a beneficial situation.” According to the director, the decisions (such as the short mountain route or the longer route crossing the field) actually apply to real-world laws, which are often neglected in games.

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Powered by the RE Engine, Dragon’s Dogma II doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s slowly starting to look like it’s coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC in 2024. At least we’re hearing about it a lot, which can’t be said for the previously announced pragmatics but not Still completely hidden…

source: WCCFTech

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