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Strong Antonia admired America: “There’s something in the air that can’t be expressed”
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Strong Antonia admired America: “There’s something in the air that can’t be expressed”

Antonia Eris and her husband visited the United States several times prior to the birth of their children, but Szonja and Matyi were also present several times and have been to both the East and West coasts of America. Recently, they traveled across the Atlantic Ocean with their friends. They were still fans of the United States. “There is something in the air that cannot be expressed and that cannot be felt anywhere else,” Story’s news reporter said recently. Everyone is direct, open, and interested, but not intrusive. They say America is a melting pot, there really are so many different people and cultures, and I am fascinated by this diversity. And the fact that it doesn’t matter how you dress, what color your hair is, whose hand you hold, no one talks, no one looks at you. People accept others as they are. I love this attitude and would happily bring it home – but not their food. I’d rather not say anything about it – adds Antonia with a laugh, and they’re also not going to America for a while. “If we make enough money again for the four of us to travel, we’ll probably head east.”

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