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Stroll was in the crosshairs of critics – they found him from somewhere else

Stroll was in the crosshairs of critics – they found him from somewhere else

This year’s Formula 1 season is the biggest yet His disappointment Definitely a picnic Lance. The Canadian pilot lags significantly behind the performance of his colleague Fernando Alonso, and according to the German expert on Sky Sports, he needs urgent improvement in form.

The 2016 world champion said on a Sky Sports podcast that Stroll must act soon, not only for himself, but also for the sake of his team, because after the Italian Grand Prix, Ferrari also overtook them in the Constructors’ Championship. This may affect the Green Party sensitively by the end of the year, because they will therefore receive less of the funds created for this purpose.

I still need to work on my back to catch Alcaraz – Stroll just laughs at the tennis rumours

“If Aston Martin finishes second in the constructors’ race, I think they’ll get £30m more money from TV rights than if they finish fourth. And it wouldn’t hurt for Lance to bounce back, because if he doesn’t make it, I’ll be looking for another driver instead the team”.

This seems to be a rather difficult case, because Lance’s father, Lawrence Stroll, is the owner of Aston Martin. Many people criticize Canadians for this reason, because for the above reason there is never any pressure on him, he can do anything because of his father, and they will not let him down.

Rosberg continued: “It is impossible to judge this matter because Lance’s father is the number one man at Aston.” “The most that could happen here is that one day Lance will step down voluntarily and say I should be doing something else.”

Stroll has not yet climbed to a single podium, while Alonso has climbed to the podium 7 times. This is also strongly reflected in the field of points. The two-time Spanish world champion has 170 points, while the Canadian has only 47 points.

Stroll’s dilemma – how long can an F1 driver stay at his father’s team?

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