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Strikes are increasingly paralyzing the UK

Strikes are increasingly paralyzing the UK

Representatives of the professions are more and more resorting to the instrument of strike due to the continuous deterioration of their standards of living in the UK. Trade unions range from postmen to dock workers, from train and bus drivers to lawyers.

More work stops are scheduled next week in the transport sector, and now nurses, doctors and lawyers are also threatening to strike. In Edinburgh, public space maintenance officials are also on strike, for 11 days. The period ahead promises to be particularly difficult for the British population, with people facing inflation above the EU average.

“There is no national strategy here, things have happened at the local level, but people all over the country have the same feelings. The movement seems coordinated because everyone is coming to the same conclusions,” said Miles Hubbard, a union official with more than a million members. Enough, we can’t take it anymore.”

London bus drivers are on strike because of wage increases that do not keep pace with inflation.

“People in different industries are on the move because everyone is feeling the financial impact. I think the situation will get worse,” predicted Michele Bravoy, union worker.

“This issue is even more important for these drivers because the cost of living has gone up a lot and winter is coming. They will keep fighting until a solution is found,” said Euronews correspondent Luke Hanrahan.

The seas were separated and became a chef

According to one of the drivers, Abdel-Hanafi, their prospects are dire:

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“Either we heat up or we eat. You have to choose between the two, but we want both, which is why we do all this.”

John Landsoon now works as a chef, but was recently hired by ferry operator P&O. He was fired with eight hundred of his colleagues in order to hire cheaper foreign workers in their stead.

“The unions are absolutely right to be up front when it comes to our working conditions. The government allowed P&O to send eight hundred sailors this year,” he then answered our reporter’s question that by the time the union tried to help with this, it was already too late.

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