Strict rules for business travel have also come into effect

Strict rules for business travel have also come into effect

Starting from March 1, 2021, border crossing rules in Hungary have been tightened again. Going forward, Hungarian and non-Hungarian citizens traveling for economic or commercial purposes will be subject to stricter controls. However, travel within and outside the European Union is subject to a separate treatment. Deloitte’s experts summed up the main changes in judgment.

As written, creditworthy Hungarian citizens can continue to enter the European Economic Area, the European Economic Area or the states with the same status, that is, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, without any quarantines or other restrictions. Evidence that the purpose of the trip was for economic or commercial purposes. A citizen of these territories or a person entitled to stay for more than 90 days may enter the territory of Hungary without obligation to quarantine if he is economic or

It arrives for commercial purposes and can prove this credibly by presenting a suitable document at the border.

Regarding non-EU countries, 4/2021. (III. 1.) For the Ministry of Environment, only of the countries listed in it are permitted entry for business or commercial travel. Hungarian citizens returning from the countries on the list, as well as citizens of countries or persons entitled to reside in states for more than 90 days, can enter without the obligation of quarantine, if they justify the purpose of the trip.

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Relief is available for the following countries:

  • United States of America,
  • Azerbaijan,
  • the two seas,
  • The United Arab Emirates,
  • Republic of India,
  • Republic of Indonesia,
  • Israel ,
  • Japan,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • People’s republic of China,
  • Kyrgyzstan,
  • The Republic of Korea,
  • Russian Federation,
  • Singapore ,
  • republic of Turkey
  • Ukraine,
  • Uzbekistan.

If the entry of Hungarian and non-Hungarian citizens from the above-mentioned countries is in doubt as to the authenticity of the document proving the commercial purpose, the authorities may refuse entry to those who wish to enter. However, the decree does not contain detailed rules regarding the content / form of the certificate that a traveler must present.

In the event of a planned business trip, we recommend that you read and follow the news carefully before the trip, because in recent days the list of the above-mentioned countries has been modified and expanded many times.

– said Gabor Barani, partner of Deloitte’s tax department.

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