Eltűnt a Stranger Things 3 játék a Steamről, a Netflix a saját appjára vitte bevezetőkép

Stranger Things 3 has disappeared from Steam, and Netflix has taken it to its own app

Netflix has begun testing the video player service in Poland, with negative consequences.

As of today, Stranger Things 3: The Game cannot be purchased on Steam or GOG. Anyone who has previously purchased it on one of the platforms can, of course, keep a copy of it and be free to download and play it as before. This is inconvenient for those who have given up on it yet, but at least it’s still available for Xbox and PlayStations.

Although Netflix made an official announcement about the move, they haven’t tied the actual justification to our noses. Suppose we can find out the latter ourselves.

The streaming giant has started testing its gaming interface so that users in Poland can actually try it out. Fans out there can seamlessly spin Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game through the Netflix app.

Netflix says the games are freely accessible to all subscribers without microtransactions, ads or other clowns.

It is clear that the company is withdrawing from external partners to strengthen its platform. Behavior Interactive has also been forced to inform its players that Stranger Things content will not be available for purchase after November 17th in Dead by Daylight.

If Netflix’s new service isn’t surprisingly great and isn’t inevitably packed with amazing games, the company’s verdict is in for a big problem after many bridges.

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