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Strange videos are posted on Facebook under the name Zoltán Mága after his page, which has one million followers, was stolen

Strange videos are posted on Facebook under the name Zoltán Mága after his page, which has one million followers, was stolen

The case, which has remained unresolved for months, may soon be brought before the International Court of Justice.

Still on the profile picture Zoltan Maja As you can see, the cover photo is still advertising a New Year's concert, but the violinist has not posted surprise content in foreign languages ​​on the Facebook page marked with his name in about half a year. MAGA to They betrayed him,

His Facebook page with nearly a million followers fell into the hands of unknown spammers.

“On June 30, I was out of the country, and when I wanted to open the interface of my page, I noticed that Facebook was gone. I asked my colleagues to check it, but they could not enter either,” the musician recalls the incident to the site. He added: This in itself is a great loss, however

A company bank card was also assigned to the account, from which all funds were withdrawn.

Among the videos since then posted on the Facebook page in question is a clip showing Asian workers using iron bars on a construction site, as well as a clip shared with the text “Awesome modern pork processing plant technology.mp4.” Unintelligible or angry comments are common, and there are those who believe Mága is posting strange content.

It saddens me greatly that my audience – if they don't guess, don't know what's behind it all – can see that I haven't been sharing the same content on My Page for a long time. However, she relayed what happened on Instagram from the beginning, warning fans of the danger

– said Zoltan Maga, who created two new profiles after the incident, but they did not last long. “I created a new private page for friends, where thousands of people followed me in a short time. But this profile was also blocked because I allegedly did not adhere to the policy. However, I only posted three story videos here, available for twenty-four hours, I play the violin in it. “I don't really understand why all this is happening,” he said.

According to him, he asked the social media site to resolve the situation to no avail:

Even though we complained to Facebook, they couldn't help at all. Although I sent documents proving my identity, that was not enough either. The Facebook team promised to respond to the problem within forty-eight hours, but they did not respond later.

Zoltán Mága has filed a report, and the National Investigation Agency is currently investigating the matter, but the hope of restoring his profile is dwindling, as hacker attacks are usually difficult to deal with. Maga says the next step will likely be to go to the International Court of Justice.

As he said, several people have recently asked him if the facade has been taken or sold.

Until now, I did not want to comment so as not to hinder the investigation. However, since so many people are already asking what happened, I feel like I have to speak up. Of course I didn't sell it. But as the legal owner of the site, I cannot assert my rights

– he said, adding: There are a lot of fake profiles in his name, so he warns everyone not to give their personal data to these scammers under any circumstances, because he would never ask his fans and followers for something like this.

After the attack on Facebook, another attack came right after it: Mága's YouTube channel was also hacked and began to be flooded with ads, however, they immediately took action against the hacker attack and were able to successfully recover the violinist's rights within a few days. Mága's Instagram profile continues to operate uninterrupted until there is any progress in the case, as she communicates with her followers.

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The artist recently visited the United States, where, among other things, Donald Trumpball He also met him, who stood up and applauded his violin playing.

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