Strange reference from Boris Johnson: British soldiers may appear in Hungary soon?

Boris Johnson briefed MEPs in the House of Commons yesterday on the government’s position on the situation in Ukraine, developments and answers to questions from fellow members. We previously reported that Johnson Send a stern warning To the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

Worker Luke Pollard of Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport asked the Prime Minister what additional support Britain would give to NATO allies in the East Wing.

Especially using British forces already stationed in these countries to deter Russia from any possible future aggression after a possible invasion of Ukraine.

In Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s answer, the issue of Hungary and the Hungarian minority in Ukraine was also discussed:

The gentleman made an important remark. We are currently discussing what we can do to strengthen the eastern/southeastern flank of NATO. The French are watching Romania. Questions arise about Hungary and what we can do there; As you know, the Hungarian minority in Ukraine is part of a complex problem. Everyone – especially Americans; He heard what you said about 8,500 soldiers going to Europe – he sees the need to move NATO forces now, to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank.

The Hungarian government has so far given no indication that British forces may be deployed to Hungary.

Cover image source: Finnbarr Webster / Getty Images

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