Strange posts appeared in Facebook users’ feeds

Some users encountered the problem since early morning, and Meta, the parent company of Facebook, only responded that they are aware of the problem and are working on a solution.

DownDetector, a site about the proper functioning of sites, has received reports from 2,500 users about the strange issue – Writes on Sky News.

“Why is my feed full of celebrity posts from strangers?” Twitter user request. “Facebook is all right bro?” asked another.

It seems that after anyone posts on a celebrity’s page, everyone who follows that celebrity will also receive the post on their feed.

Normally, they are filtered by an algorithm, but these posts now appear before friends’ posts on the page.

Meta responded: “We understand that some people are having issues with the Facebook channel. We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible and apologize for the inconvenience.”

Affected users are citizens of the UK, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, USA, Poland and Australia. Many people have tried to take advantage of the mistake by promoting their own business or other interests by posting it on celebrity pages.

The error was corrected on Wednesday afternoon.

Open Image: Pixabay

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