Why You Have To Stop Blaming The Other Woman

When are women going to stop blaming “the other woman” for their relationship troubles? Your man cheats on you with another women and it causes a break up and you’re ready to feed her to the lion’s den. Why is that? The other woman can only be blamed for so much. She didn’t make him send misleading text messages or make him have sex with her. Stop trying to go after the female and using her as a scapegoat. Confront him, confront the situation and deal with him head on. Maybe she is partially to blame, but she isn’t committed to you, he is.

Females are so set on degrading the other woman and calling her a homewrecker, but the gag is girlfriend, the home was probably wrecked before she got there. It doesn’t matter how “bad” the girl is or what she does or doesn’t have to offer she can’t break up something that’s solid. That’s not to say that relationships don’t have problems because they do, but being solid is knowing that no matter what good or bad your partner got you.

A lot of the time the girl doesn’t even know that the man is already involved with someone else. She’s looking just as crazy as you are thinking she’s the only one, but you do have those girls who don’t care and pursue him anyway. Even then it’s still your man’s job to check her and put her in place.


We’re all familiar with the RHOA Phaedra and Kenya feud. I am in no way siding with Kenya or anyone who has attempted to flirt or pursue a married man. Kenya is always saying inappropriate things to other people’s man, but to each her own. We saw how that played out and in the end both Apollo and Kenya said inappropriate things to each other. We all saw Phaedra read Kenya from her to Kalamazoo, but why go so hard on her. I love Phaedra, but at some point you have to hold your husband/significant other accountable for their actions.

The other woman can only do what your man allows her to do. Women put so much energy into hating the other woman and trying to seek revenge and calling their-self karma, but stay with the man. How? She didn’t cheat on you he did. Open your eyes and think of that as a blessings. She probably did you a favor because nine times out of ten this wasn’t his first time cheating this is just the time he got caught.

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