American classics aged 40-60 in (almost) immaculate condition aren’t even plentiful in the USA, and are quite rare on the other side of the Atlantic.

However, British buyers of the wood-panelled 1985 Ford LTD and 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix didn’t enjoy their acquisitions for long, as both were stolen in the summer, the first on June 14 and the last on June 16, just 25 kilometers from each other.

Stolen seniors found in Derby 1

Stolen Ford

That won’t be news to us just yet, but it’s worth an article that both stolen cars were apparently destroyed in a wreck derby last weekend, The Drive reports.

The story began with a post on Twitter, in which one user threw out his belief that the two stolen cars could be in competition at Ringwood Raceway. The Ford LTD and Pontiac Grand Prix were sent to the track in black and turquoise, but the Ford owner told the car page that some of the items left behind are identifiable even in the event of a crash like his machine.

The wreck was seized by the police, but in this case it is probably not of much value to the owners.