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Stickers help us progress in A Tiny Stick Tale

Stickers help us progress in A Tiny Stick Tale

The protagonist is a cute little guy, Flynn The little sticker storyWhere we can use stickers to overcome the obstacles that come our way. Our mission is to find the donkey’s long-lost father.

Children’s books inspired developers to create the game world. Flynn begins the adventure with a magical sticker album he previously received from his father, with which he can collect objects in his environment as stickers. You can make paths out of roadblocks when it gets dark, stick a sun in the sky, or stick a bridge over a river when you need to move on, while we can also find new friends who need our help on the island of Vigory.

That would be necessary, because Rocky, the mischievous raccoon, also has a similar album, but he gets in the way of our adventures, often unintentionally getting in our way. Our path winds through the beach, jungle, swamps, mountains and desert until we reach the end of our 2-4 hour playtime.

A Tiny Poster Tale will be released on October 4th for PC (Windows/Mac) and Nintendo Switch for $9.99.


He was introduced to the ZX81 when he was about 8 years old, followed by the C64. Since 1993 he has worked for Commodore Világ and its successors, as well as ZED, and in 1998 he founded PC Dome with his friends. The rest is history..

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