Több évre szóló szerződést kötött Steven Spielberg és a Netflix bevezetőkép

Steven Spielberg and Netflix signed a multi-year contract

The world has gone big with the producer who previously campaigned against Netflix.

Two years earlier, Steven Spielberg was still campaigning to qualify self-produced Netflix films as TV productions so that they would not be nominated for an Academy Award. Since then, he seems to have managed to turn Spielberg into a better vision, as they are now business partners with the streaming giant.

Amblin Partners, founded and operated by Spielberg, and Netflix have signed an agreement, under which the studio will be able to participate in several films a year.

Regarding the partnership, in addition to Ready Player One, Spielberg, who is responsible for many of the classics, said:

“At Amblin, storytelling is at the heart of everything we do, so when Ted Sarandos (Co-CEO of Netflix) and I began negotiating, it immediately became clear that this was a great opportunity to tell new stories while reaching new audiences.”

However, it’s important to note that Amblin Partners works with several directors, so there’s no guarantee that Steven Spielberg will also direct a new Netflix movie in the future. Of course, there is supposed to be the money that this business made in the end.

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