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SteelRising | Newsblock

Nacon declared their most promising medieval fantasy game, and SteelRising Its digital versions can now be pre-ordered, along with additional packages to be pre-ordered and a release date for the game.

The SteelRising Set to launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox SX on September 8, 2022, the now-revealed pre-order gift is nothing more than Marie Antoinette’s replacement skin bundle for Aegis, plus in August 2022 they’ll also have access to a beta starting at Twenty-fifth day, who are already investing in the program.

The game will also receive a so-called Bastille Edition – which can be pre-ordered – which will also include Cagliostro’s Secrets DLC, which is expected to be released in early November. This add-on will explain an interesting topic that will eventually focus on unraveling the secrets that the King is hiding.

The SteelRising He will present an alternative version of history: what if he was the sixteenth. King Louis He was going to build an army of robots capable of suppressing the uprising? This huge and ruthless army does not discourage anyone and crushes the rebels. If you can also fight against mechanical opponents, all you have to do is pre-order the game and wait for the release.

In the meantime, here’s a short trailer for the story:

Watch this awesome video!

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