Steam now better supports next-generation console controllers

Steam now better supports next-generation console controllers

A few days for the valve Referred toTo expand support for the next generation of console consoles on Steam. So now you can set up some new things for both the Xbox Series X / S console and DualSense if you want to use it with console gaming.

For Xbox nextgen, its Share button can now be set for what to do. Additionally, four such controllers can be connected to Steam at the same time if someone needs it. Console player vibration is now exploited by games that use the Windows.Gaming.Input API (API). Incidentally, the Xbox Elite has also not been forgotten, the rear pedals can also now be ordered for sale.

For DualSense, unfortunately, the most exciting additions to the controller (haptic feedback and adaptive triggers) are not yet supported by Steam. On the other hand, the LEDs on them can be customized: they can be turned on and off, or set to illuminate only when the DualSense multiple is connected.

These new features are currently only available through the Steam Beta client, so they must be set up in our account first. Here is a guide how to do that.

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