Steam Deck will be serviceable at home too

Steam Deck will be serviceable at home too

It is mostly easy to work with, and iFixit will sell replacement parts.

There is a stark contrast between the usual electronics manufacturers and Valve’s business practices, with the latter showing very supportive and consumer-friendly behavior on Steam Deck. Earlier this week, the company made the Deck Outer Cover available under a Creative Commons license that allows it to be used for commercial purposes. full schemeso that customers and manufacturers can easily make custom covers for it, and now the machine has been advertised for the possibility of home service.

Details are still being developed, but there are indications that Steam Deck parts will be readily available, and in North America, even the necessary hardware will be available directly from iFixit. Valve fully supports in-home repairs made on deck, although only a designated service center will be able to make repairs within the warranty period, otherwise the warranty will be voided.

say iFixit He’s now finished with the Steam Deck breakup video and has been pretty happy with it, scoring 7/10 in terms of installability, which is extraordinarily high these days.

There is only one serious problem with the design, the L-shaped battery is glued into place, and experience has shown some nerve-wracking work to get it out of place. This is also inconvenient because, based on the information available so far, the battery can be completely discharged for up to 90 minutes of play without frame rate limitation, and too many charging cycles can quickly drain its capacity.

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Replacing the battery can be a common service task.

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