Steam Deck: Valve is already thinking about a 4K capable model

Gaby According to Newell, in a few years it will be possible to make a laptop (because mainly Steam Deck…) that will be capable of 4K resolution.

Greg Comer, one of Valve’s designers, is Rock Paper a pair of scissors In a certain interview, he said that even within the company, there is a strong will to replace Steam Deck parts and also raises the metaphorical question of why Valve doesn’t do this every three months. This would not be better for game developers or consumers.

However, he acknowledged that Valve is thinking ahead because Newell says the Steam Deck product line will be long-lived, so plans have already begun for the next model. He said Steam Deck 2 doesn’t have a design yet, but only means where the (technological) line will be drawn on the new model of the device.

According to Coomer, in the case of Steam Deck, which has been leaving since December, it was never among Valve’s plans to make the model 4K capable, so not only does the screen know (?) 1280×800. His colleague, Lawrence Yang, added that if Valve had set a goal, it wouldn’t be worth it, because it would technically be possible to create a device of this size with the technical capabilities to play games on 4K as well…

But Yang says this is what the Steam Deck will look like, how long will it be able to run games, and how warm will it be? There’s a lot of balancing, but Valve is happy to be able to do this for the first Steam Deck. Technology is evolving, and so he thinks there will be a higher chance of a 4K-ready Steam Deck in about two years’ time.

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However, Steam Deck can actually go above 1280 x 800 if you’re using a dock, perhaps an HDMI-USB-C adapter, but this can ruin the frame rate depending on your game settings, graphics…

Source: WCCFTech

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