Steam broke a record: 10 million people played it simultaneously over the weekend

Over the weekend, a total of 33 million people logged into Valve’s gaming platform, breaking another record.

the edge Reports indicate that Valve’s Steam platform set a record over the weekend, marking the first time that 10 million players played on the platform at the same time, while more than 33 million people were online in total over the weekend.

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The record was broken on January 7, when, according to SteamDB, Steam recorded 10,082,055 active players and 32,186,301 logged-in users online – players in the former category were also playing, while in the latter category they were only logged into the platform but not playing.

Incredibly, however, they managed to crack that, as Steam surpassed the record for concurrent internet users in the 24 hours since the first announcement on Saturday: a new record was set with 33,078,963 users.

These numbers are also surprising because the record was last set at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, when 20,313,451 users were logged in at the same time, and this was broken in March 2022, when more than 30 million simultaneous users were counted on the platform. .

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