#StayMadAbby Black UT Grads Shine On Abigail Fisher With Epic Hashtag

Abigail Fisher, the white student who has previously been to court to fight the use of race in admissions at the University of Texas which rejected her application in 2008. Well, she’s back and mad at the wrong people.

Fisher, although having mediocre grades and SAT scores, believed she was deprived of her rightful admission at UT Austin because, in her view, some people of color didn’t deserve acceptance, stole it from her and would do better at less advanced colleges.

From transcript, what Scalia said today on whether black people would be better served at “less advanced” schools pic.twitter.com/ikYGnjqM5p

— Irin Carmon (@irin) December 9, 2015
Black University of Texas students only makes up about 2200 of UT’S 50k+. But you’re mad at us? #StayMadAbby Check out some of the #BlackExcellence clap backs below.











We Love it! Black Excellence!

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