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Stars who are not recognized for a role لدور

Stars who are not recognized for a role لدور

How do you create a unique and unrepeatable character that you have not seen before? One easy way is definitely the new look that an actor can achieve even with a drastic treatment. Marlon Brando wasn’t directly obese End of the world nowfor the role of Colonel Kurtz, but Robert De Niro was obese in the 1980s. Raging Bull During filming, though, the goal was not to create an authentic character, but rather to focus on the contrast between young and older Jake LaMotta. Since then, the portrayal of being overweight has almost become a cliché among Hollywood actors, Recently, Mark Wahlberg gained unrecognizable weight over the course of weeks. We picked the ten biggest fats in movie history.

Robert De Niro

The actor gained nearly 30 pounds to make up the legendary middleweight boxer, Jake LaMotta, and even did it all just to portray the afterlife of a retired comedian. He trained a lot to show off an active boxing life (with Jake LaMotta himself) and then stopped filming for four months: during that time, the actor gained weight in France and Italy from 66 to 97 pounds, which also affected his health. If an actor’s obesity display is worth it, it’s this: The movie is still considered a masterpiece, and De Niro won the first (and only) hero Oscar for his (former) life. The Godfather 2support staff).

Vincent Donofrio

The actor’s obesity record may be 1987 extruded steel His Actor Holds: Because director Stanley Kubrick imagined Leonard Lawrence’s character as overweight and confusing, the actor gained thirty pounds and shaped the young soldier figure at 130 pounds. The actor suffered a knee injury on set, which also required surgery, and was spiritually overweight: “Nobody looked at me, I’ve always seen only runaway women appear. People told me everything twice as if I was stupid,” he said. . . The actor quickly gave up the excess and later took another course of obesity: 2002 instead of the truth Twenty pounds he picked it up again.

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Ryan Gosling

The director didn’t even ask the actor to gain nearly 30 pounds Cozy paradise (2009), but his idea was that he disagreed with director Peter Jackson so much that he fired him for it and gave the role to Mark Wahlberg. “I weighed 70 pounds when I got the role and went to shoot nearly a hundred pounds,” said the actor, who drank the melted ice cream. “We thought differently about what a grieving dad should look like, I think he needs 100 pounds.” Many times as he was thirsty. Ryan Gosling summed up his left-handed preparations “and then I was fat and out of work.”

Renee Zellweger

Between 2000 and 2003, the actress was obese and lost weight: she gained 15 kg Bridget Jones Diary For his role in the title, which also earned him an Academy Award nomination. Then I quickly lost weight Chicago Starring (again nominated for an Academy Award) and then gaining weight again Bridget Jones: I’m going crazy soon!-to. By gaining 4,000 calories a day, you’ve gained 15 pounds, and the third time you’ve made big gains Bridget Jones is expecting a babyBut also, according to the family, director Sharon Maguire dissuaded him. “Men suddenly started talking to my breasts,” the actress said of life with 15 pounds of excess weight.

George Clooney

Actor from 2005 Syria Gaining nearly 15 pounds as a CIA agent, he received the only Academy Award in his life as a supporting actor (and later received one as a producer). Argo . workto). The actor admitted that he became depressed from nine meals a day: “I had nothing to do but eat for a month. I was in Italy and didn’t crave food. Who wouldn’t want to eat in Italy? Going to a pancake-eating contest every day.” He also did not enjoy filming: “Everyone has a year and he’s ten, that’s what it was like for me.”

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