Starring Schwarzenegger, a touching Christmas ad for the game that has nothing to do with tanks

Starring Schwarzenegger, a touching Christmas ad for the game that has nothing to do with tanks

Towards the end of the year, more and more services will be launched in online games that are treated as services, and this is no different from the World of Tanks tank, which has been around since 2010. Developer Wargaming has run the event with an unforgettable commercial where no piece can be seen One from the tank, with an Arnold Schwarzenegger bezzeg in it.

A giant actor (or rather, a giant actor) kneaded in his house one day when a postman from the 1960s called him and handed him a letter only 30 years later. In this, little Johnny (who sounds more like Chaney in Arnold’s pronunciation) wrote to the action star that he didn’t ask him for anything for Christmas, only to visit his village. Schwarze was so impressed that, after grinning in the mirror, jumping into a helicopter, jumped into the now not small town of Johnny, who struggled with his family and the Austrian oak, struggling with his tears. The end of the story is a paper towel on the right next to the exit!

The commercial didn’t reveal much about Schwarzenegger’s (or the entire video) relationship with World of Tanks, although you can eventually see a moment in the in-game version of the actor. The video summarizing what’s new at WoT in December indicates that we’ll be getting daily assignments from our “new special guest,” likely the actor. Wargaming has announced a bunch of little things for the holiday season, like the 12-day Tankmas 2021 event, which promises rides, surprises, and giveaways. More about this You can read here.

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World of Tanks wasn’t first announced with its old action stars anyway, and the faces of Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone, and Kurt Russell also appeared in the game a year ago.

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