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Starfield: Ship theft problem can be solved, and Bethesda doesn’t forget about depositors too


Bethesda Game Studios (BGS) also wants the designers to be able to handle the game, which Todd Howard has long promised.

Howard IGNWe’ve already started explaining his interview yesterday, but there’s still something to say about her. According to the iconic developer of BGS, they want to make the space battles in Starfield unique. The studio is a fan of many space simulators. Our spaceship will have multiple systems, so there’s also a bit of an FTL in how much power we can pump into the three different armed systems and then the systems responsible for the armor and the engine. We can use the gravity drive to jump out of some dangerous jumping situations, but we also need to put effort into that.

According to Howard, the pace of space battles has remained relatively slow. One example he brought up is MechWarrior because of his systems and his use of power. Starfield will be a little faster than that, but it won’t be very flexible and fast-paced. In addition to combat, other ships can be taken down, disarmed, and there are related tasks, but it will also be possible to steal ships. There will also be dialogues in space, we can visit space stations, we can smuggle. There are things that BGS will only introduce later, but Howard says a good part of the gameplay will be fun when you look around the genre and sci-fi style.

Starfield’s main story will be bigger than both The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrime and Fallout 4. Howard told him about 40 hours. This has been a bit longer than what BGS usually aim for, but they can still fine-tune this and add more missions to the game, making it a 20% longer game than their previous games. Duration can vary because not everyone sticks to the main story often, so say forty hours if 25-30 hours were allotted in the previous two games. There are more missions and factions, so we can spend more time with Skyrim.

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Howard added that they have learned over time that people play with their toys for a very long time. So is Skyrim, but this hasn’t been played continuously for the past 10 years either, but they’ve been dealing with outages and they still have new content. Additional content will also be created for Starfield, and BGS loves the mod community. This is why he believes Starfield will be a dream project for depositors because they have so many options. (Only then don’t you screw this up with Creation Club.)

Starfield will arrive on Xbox Series and PC in the first half of 2023, and the Xbox Passon will be there as well.

source: WCCFTech

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