Star Wars broke out on the street, and Csubakka stabbed his opponent

Star Wars broke out on the street, and Csubakka stabbed his opponent

An unusual case was reported in the French Quarter in New Orleans, USA. A man, dressed as Chubakka, known from the Star Wars movies, began to fight.

The man, dressed in a foco costume, chose a crowded place that is popular with tourists to sleep. The conversation eventually turned into a brawl, as not only the red lightsaber but also the mask part of the outfit moved away. In an unexpected moment, the knife flashed and Alfuki stabbed his opponent.

It is true that the police have yet to identify the uniformed man, but an eyewitness claims that a black man in his twenties was hiding under Chewbacca’s uniform. No information was received about the condition of the retarded person, and the severity of his injury is not known. After the news surfaced, despite the severity of the delay, several people started joking about the photo that was released for circulation, as the police call still shows the delay in Csubakka’s full uniform, he writes. The Daily Star .

“I saw him hanging out in the Tatwini bar with an unknown space smuggler.” A Twitter user wrote. “I don’t remember the name of the bar, but they keep playing the same music if it helps.” Another commentator books.

“I just saw her attack a military facility near the moon Indore.” Another commenter responded.

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