Star in Sztár starts on Sunday – This is how Andi Tóth and Peti Marics prepare for the show – Video

Perhaps one of the most famous loving couples in our country, Andi Tóth and Betty Marx Because he joined the camp of judges, In this regard, there were Mokka guests, who revealed many other interesting facts.

The couple is really looking forward to the show – Image: László Szabolcs

Andy has serious expectations about arbitration, because unlike her partner, he will be strict. At the same time, he emphasized that he knew that this was primarily an entertaining show, and he himself wanted to laugh He won’t let banter come at the expense of production quality.

A lot of people were scared when they started saying in the articles that I would be strict and all that. I’m glad about that, because at least they were scared, at least they put themselves out there. No, of course I know it’s an entertainment show first and foremost. Everyone is there because they want to have fun with this thing, which is why we and the viewers are turned on. Not to see the rigor, but to have a good laugh in front of the screen

Andy saidwhich also highlighted it You don’t want the show to be about how the two look at each other or talk to each other with Peti. Would be much happier to read about it in the news How well do you perform as a member of the jury?

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