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STALKER 2’s new protagonist has been revealed in Flash Gameplay

STALKER 2's new protagonist has been revealed in Flash Gameplay

HBO’s Chernobyl series has brought the world back into the Chernobyl fever, and even Chernobyl tried to make it more or less successful for us to reclaim and experience the tragedy and mystery of the region. But it wasn’t this that set off the Chernobyl craze, but the 2007 RPG-enriched FPS from GSC Gameworld in 2007, STALKER, that had long doubted that Part Two would be completed, but it really looks like the project is in the future. . You can see our favorite new FPS post-apocalyptic game planned for 2021 below, where we can get a look at the gameplay. Speaking of that, we can also get to know the hero.

The central character in Part 1 and its attachments was Strelock, the candidate, who ventured with his comrades in arms to the middle of the area, the reactor, which has not survived much, even if they reach Wish Fulfiller, which, as we know, does not fully satisfy his desires as we think. Well, the protagonist of the second part will be Skif, and we will control it. He’s also a stalker, i.e. fortune hunter, following in the footsteps of Strelok, and trying his luck in the area. In the video we can see the city of Pripyat, including the dilapidated suburban school. Those who have played Shadow of Chernobyl or Call of Pripyat may know that the city believed to have died is far from dead, and even war is raging here, or at least members of several factions have joined here who often clash. Indeed, if they survive: a nice big blast in the video makes Skif’s “run” bitter, so you’ll be an important in-game element in Part 2 as well. More specifically, in Part One, we only encountered these explosions at certain points in the story, but in Oblivion Lost and Lost Alpha modes, we received randomly lethal radiation from the nuclear power plant in our necks.

STALKER 2 will be released in principle in 2021, but GSC has been very wary about it In an article published on Xbox Wire, In which he also presented the hero and the video. That is, he has not yet set a specific date, indicating that although the development is going well, he does not want to rush things, he wants to launch the game in the highest possible quality, which takes advantage of the strengths of the Xbox Series X, and the ultra-fast SSD , X-ray-tracking and 4K resolution. In addition to the new generation Xbox, a post-apocalyptic FPS will also appear on PC.

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