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Stacy Abrams refuses to compare her refusal to compromise with Trump

Former Georgia Governor Candidate Stacy Abrams has rejected accusations by Georgia’s Secretary of State of comparing her with her refusal to waive after her 2018 defeat to Georgia state governor. Brian KempBrian Kemp Georgia’s Political Revolution: Who Will Lead America’s New Black Capital? Flynn makes his first public remarks since Trump’s pardon at the capital rallies. Twitter briefly limits user engagement with Trump’s tweets about more “stolen” elections (R) to President TrumpDonald Trump, shot one person in Washington state during the violent election protest of pro-Trump and anti-protest demonstrators and police clashes in the capital A day after the election demonstrations, COVID-19 infections have spread rapidly as officials race to distribute the vaccine MoreHe refused to do the same.

Abrams responded in an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” To an editorial Paged by Brad Ravensberger (right), in the Wall Street Journal calling for Trump’s refusal to concede to the president-elect. Joe BidenJoe Biden, clashes between pro-Trump protesters, anti-Trump demonstrators and police in the capital A day after the election demonstrations, Castro said “there is still work to be done” on Biden’s cabinet diversity, Robert Zoellick says that human rights and European relations play key roles in Biden’s foreign policy More Straight from “Stacy Abrams Rulebook”.

In his article, Ravensburger said that Abrams “refused to compromise, announced that she would launch a major lawsuit against the electoral system in Georgia, and began to collect hundreds of millions of dollars from donors convinced that the elections were stolen from her” after her defeat to Kemp.

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Abrams disputed this assertion on CNN, stating that hundreds of thousands of voters had been purged from the state’s voter rolls before her race went to the ballot box.

Abrams said of Ravensburger’s argument: “First of all, he never listened to what you said.” “I said that the elections were stolen from Georgia’s voters because, under the former Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, there were millions of voters … 1.4 million voters were removed from the lists, and thousands of voters were denied the right to vote because of [voter registration processes]. “

Abrams went on to reject any comparison between her and the president, and said she was working to exclude voters from hearing their votes. She said her own efforts centered around Georgia’s voter registration effort and the fight against Republican efforts to cleanse voter lists.

“There is absolutely nothing that matches what I have done and what Donald Trump is trying to do,” Abrams said. “My mission has been very clear since I was 17. And that is expanding access to the right to vote to those who can vote in our country, and especially in the state of Georgia. What Donald Trump is arguing is that he just wants to count the votes he loves. He wants to restrict access. To the right to vote and restrict whoever is heard in our country. This is not what I am asking for.

Ravensburger’s comments come as Trump continues to pledge to continue legal efforts to nullify the results of the presidential election in recent days, after two Supreme Court decisions dismissing cases filed by pro-Trump lawyers in two states seeking to nullify the results of those states.

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The General Services Administration (GSA) allowed Biden’s transition team to receive federal funding weeks ago, but the President’s White House team has so far refused to admit to defeating their boss or beginning the process of raising Biden’s entire team to speed.

Abrams is credited with widespread voter registration efforts in Georgia that helped the state turn blue for the first time in a presidential race since 1992.

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