Sputnik f

Sputnik f

The Minister of Health approved the vaccine but transferred the responsibility to the doctors.

Marek Karagsey Authorized by the Minister of Health (pictured with the Prime Minister) Russian vaccineThe first 200,000 doses arrived in Slovakia on Monday. The Factor Based on a document published on the website of the Ministry of Health, he writes about the possible side effects of Sputnik V. The attending physician must take responsibilityIf it is severe, you must inform the Medicines Control Agency and the Ministry of Health immediately.

The Minister of Health said that the vaccine can be vaccinated for all ages. Pavol Garcowska The epidemiologist also said that Sputnik V’s effectiveness in all age groups is over 90 percent and may have side effects similar to the flu vaccine.

a Sputnik fThey can start vaccination within two weeks, and check received shipment until then. The vaccine is voluntary and the person registering will need to acknowledge that the vaccine has not been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Total Slovakia Two million doses of the Russian vaccine Takes. Igor Matovic The prime minister hopes to speed up vaccination rates by 40 percent. The permit was determined by the Minister of Health in his authority because the government mandate was revoked by the smallest ruling party, Zawadi (for the people). Veronica Remisova According to the party leader because they don’t want the government to treat residents as test rabbits.

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