Spring Breaking on a Budget

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Spring Break is the time of year when memories are made and debt is accumulated. College students will either do one or two things during this week. Spend money they don’t have (credit card) or spend money that Sallie Mae will be calling them for in a few years (financial aid refund). But wait! There is a third option that many have foregone, but it’s the one that can make you and your credit report happy. It’s called Spring Breaking on a budget and there are a few tips to help you not overspend.

Bring the Liquor Store with You

Not literally of course, but you should have a portion of the liquor store in your suitcase. When Spring Break rolls around, bars and liquor stores near touristy spots will raise their prices because they know college students love a good cocktail. That is why you should bring your own alcohol with you and save yourself the upcharge. Plus, your drinks will be stronger when you have your own bottle.

Pick a Destination within Driving Distance

Transportation costs can add up quickly, especially when you’re flying the friendly skies. Cut those costs and pick somewhere that is not too far away. Some people will spend a lot of money to fly somewhere far away and when they get there they only have enough money for a Hot-n-Spicy and a one-star motel. If you spend less money on transportation, you can spend more money on other things that will enhance your vacation.

Research the Hidden Gems

You know how everyone goes to the most popular vacation spots? Don’t. There are a number of places with beaches and daiquiris with umbrellas that are less expensive than those. In order to find out, all you have to do is research. The less popular places tend to be less expensive (and more enjoyable).

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