Spotify is available for couples

Spotify is available for couples

One year ago, Spotify began testing its subscriber package, Premium Duo, which is now available in more than 50 countries as well as the US and UK. Available, Including for Hungarian users. The total monthly subscription fee for the Premium Duo is 6.49 € for two separate Premium Accounts that can be managed separately. The full amount is deducted once a month by the service automatically from the account number of the person who initiated the Premium Duo subscription, and can invite the other party with a token to join. It is a requirement that both users have the same home address.

By default, the Premium Package costs 4.99 € per person, so couples who have used Premium for Family so far can save as much as possible. By switching to bundles, existing Premium subscribers will lose nothing, keep their past favorites, playlists and recommendations, plus get Duo Mix playlists with songs that suit both parties’ tastes. According to a study by a streaming service provider, 73 percent of couples listen to music together to conjure up memories.


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