The decree was published in the Hungarian Gazette on Friday.

Europe plays football

Europe is all about football for a month: a year behind schedule due to the pandemic, under somewhat changed circumstances, but here is the European Football Championship 2020. In addition, it is here that they play four matches in Budapest, and among the teams The 24 in the tournament there is also the Hungarian national team. Follow every moment and news of the Ibb series with the article series.

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Outdoor viewing on projectors set up in public places does not qualify as an event, the rules for catering terraces apply – writes

This means that you can stay there and enjoy the European Football Championship without a certificate of protection.”

mentioned on the government information page.

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It is reported that the government decree in this regard was published today in in the Hungarian newspaper.

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Giant projectors, games and football are bleeding from the nose - the Eb fan zone opens in Városliget

HALife + Style

It’s not a big party in the rain, but in dry weather it’s sure to be a great experience to cheer on with thousands of people.

If it were up to readers, France would win the European Championship


We asked, you answered. Most consider the French national team the most likely, but there were also very surprising tips for winning the European Championship.