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Sports, Science, Politics | democratic

Sports, Science, Politics |  democratic

László Ratgeber, Director of the Basketball Specific Methodological Center and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pécs, presented the KMSK activities and highlighted that the results of the accredited Bachelor Methodology Training Center for 6 semesters are international training courses and among the areas covered are approximately 150 lectures and courses. Qualifying and publishing specialized books, conferences, workshops, sports analyses, and training methodology. Quality control is ensured through a testing system, and the center places great emphasis on international visibility and cooperates with the Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, the University of Pécs, and the University of Debrecen.

The advisor of the latter institution, Zoltan Bax, spoke about the fact that since 2005, the City University of Sivis has been implementing a systematic sports strategy, and the renovated Nagyerdei Stadium also serves as a leisure center and in addition to football, hosts and many other sports, from table tennis to climbing walls. . Thanks to this it operates continuously profitably, with the exception of 2022 which was severely affected by the economic effects of the Covid virus.

Hungarian football academies have an excellent infrastructure, strong professional control, a high degree of organization and identification with the values ​​​​provided, but they can do better than that – the Director of the Center for Football Methodology summarized the current situation of Hungarian football academies. Training local youth in the most popular sports. Speaking about performance-based support for academies, Dezső Liszkai also explained the inclusion of youngsters in the first teams of local clubs with statistical data. Figures showed that in recent years, Kispest's first team had the most self-trained talent.

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Balázs Fürjes, a permanent member of the International Olympic Committee, is the XXI Olympic Movement. He discussed the challenges of the 20th century, referring to the fact that due to the measures taken against the Hungarian Olympic Games, Hungary practically lost the opportunity to host the 2032 Games.

“The Olympic Games were once a tool and symbol of peacemaking, but today the world of sports is saturated with geopolitics and ideology,” Peter Szijjarto noted. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the principle of collective guilt belongs to the dustbin of history, and therefore it is unacceptable that athletes from certain countries are not allowed to wear their symbols, cannot listen to their country’s anthem, and are forced to do so. Making political statements. On the other hand, Hungary offered a place to the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Israeli teams when they could not play on their home soil for various reasons, and this will remain the case in the future, as confirmed by Peter Szijjártó.

The head of Hungarian diplomacy added that the strongest Hungarian call in the world today is Puskas's call to Hungary. Even in conflicting relationships, this can be a bridge to use. The Diplomatic Academy training aims to exploit this, as more and more former athletes are called upon to serve their country in the future. Among others, Daniel Gyorta is the Olympic champion.

Peter Szijjarto, speaking about the development of sports infrastructure that has come under severe attack over the past decade and a half, said: This is the most the state can do to help parents in the struggle for children's leisure time.

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“Only excellent conditions can be enough to attract children to put down the phone and return to the real world,” the ministry head said.

Peter Szijjarto also drew attention to the fact that thanks to the development of facilities, we have been good hosts of many world competitions, thanks to which many foreign sports leaders may have been able to change their biased opinions about our country. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade also drew attention to the fact that the pentathlon games to be held this year in Paris, in the spirit of the Olympic Games, will provide an excellent opportunity to take the first step towards peace. According to the Prime Minister, it must be stated that geopolitics should not have anything to do with sports.

The conference concluded with a round table meeting including Laszlo Ratgeber, former captain of the Hungarian women's and men's handball national teams, Lajos Moxay, and Denis Kemeny, a successful water polo coach, led by Laszlo Balogh, professor at the University of Debrecen. The coaching legends shared their experiences in sports and life, and talked about the differences and challenges of the past and present, as well as what a good professional looks like and what qualities are used to select talent.

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