Sports Radio: I received a lot of offers from abroad - Máté Lékai

Sports Radio: I received a lot of offers from abroad – Máté Lékai

Máté Lékai, the new signing of the men’s handball team Ferencvaros, was a guest on Sportrádió. At Sportreggel, asked Attila Palay, chief sports director of Mediaworks Hungary Zrt. , as well as Gábor Lantos and Tóth Tóth, the 147-time national team manager who left Telekom Veszprém after eight years.

Mate Lekai (Photo:

“It’s not how I planned my entire future, but I’m not sad at all, I’m just looking ahead, excitedly waiting for new challenges on my own” He said Matt Lekai.

The 34-year-old manager was in the news in the summer, among other things, with Poland’s Wisla Block.

“I received many offers from abroad, but due to lack of time, my family was not able to come abroad with me, so I honestly told the applicants that without them I would not want to become a legionnaire, because they are the first in my life.”

He added that he had received another Hungarian offer alongside Ferencvaros.

Regarding the previous season, he said he did everything in his power to make it onto the field.

“I was told at Veszprém that in the future I might have less chances to play compared to last season, so I definitely wanted to do something about it, which is why I made the switch.”

Lékai could have imagined an easier group at next year’s World Championships – the tournament is so important to Olympic qualification.

“Definitely our goal should be to somehow get into the top seven at the end of the week.”

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