Australia’s immigration minister said the release of Novak Djokovic’s vaccines in Australia would be a health risk.

Anti-vaccination views will be strengthened if Novak Djokovic remains in Australia despite his breach, which could pose a public health risk – which is why Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has revoked the Serbian tennis player’s visa.

New details came to light when Djokovic’s lawyers appealed the decision and documents related to the case were released ahead of Sunday’s court ruling. It was previously revealed that Djokovic’s visa application was incorrect when he claimed the tennis player had not traveled anywhere in the two weeks before entering Australia. Many Australians were also outraged that they had participated in programs that tested positive for Covid, but since this was not done in Australia, they cannot be punished for doing so, but they can.

Hook wrote that since Djokovic said he had recently contracted covidus, there was little risk to the health of those around him. However, if they are allowed into the country even after trying to circumvent the rules, those who have been vaccinated will be encouraged and protests could occur, which would already be a health hazard. Djokovic’s lawyers are trying to hold on to that Watchman According to him, they will argue at trial that the minister does not support his allegations with the facts, and that if the tennis player is not allowed into the country, there may be protests.

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Djokovic admits there was a lie in his visa application, but claims he did not write


Novak Djokovic says his agent did not fill out the visa application correctly, so he has stated that he had not traveled in the weeks before entering Australia.

Novak Djokovic is not easy for the world to love

Eva VandorLife + Style

A frequent drive in tennis is how far Novak Djokovic would like to be, but the more he tries, the opposite. The sport has lamented the issue since the Serbian tennis player’s talent broke the standoff between beloved Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. However, recent events seem to have precipitated the process, which concluded that Novak Djokovic can be respected but not loved. Moreover, the question now is how much respect will remain after the vaccine circus.