The captain of the Hungarian national team held a press conference after the German-Hungarian match.

Europe is all about football for a month: a year behind schedule due to the pandemic, under somewhat changed circumstances, but here is the European Football Championship 2020. In addition, it is here that they play four matches in Budapest, and among the teams The 24 in the tournament there is also the Hungarian national team. Follow every moment and news of the Ibb series with the article series.

Playing in a 2-2 draw, the Hungarian national team led by Marco Rossi was eliminated from the European Football Championship 2021. Although Rossi was disappointed, he was very proud, but according to the German coach, this was one of the most difficult matches his team ever played.

“We are disappointed that we were on the verge of progress,” Rossi said after the match, “The victory was not only historic, the victory was unbelievable and unimaginable, but unfortunately, even in the most beautiful fairy tales, it is not always a happy ending.” According to Rossi, technically, the Hungarian national team is not the best in the tournament, but based on other aspects, the Hungarians performed brilliantly: “We help each other, we struggle hard, and I am very proud to be able to train these football players. ” As he said, the World Cup qualifiers are about to begin, so the team needs to raise its head.

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“We’ve tried things in recent games that we haven’t forced before. I don’t like to defend hard in the back, but now we had to play with opponents like that. What impressed me the most was that everything I asked for was kept by my players. We fought one by one. And we weren’t afraid of anything and anyone. “Thanks also to the fans, they’ve been amazing today and lately,” Rossi said.

German Football Association captain Joachim Loew says his team has passed one of the toughest matches ever. “It was one of our most difficult matches. (…) The Hungarians defended well, had a good mentality and good team spirit. I also have to commend the behavior of my team because it was not an easy meeting,” said Loew. According to him, the Germans sold a lot of balls before the goals, and these mistakes would not suit the English. Like he said, he’s not worried about the match because it’s going to be a completely different character encounter. According to Löw, the Hungarians stopped the bus at the gate, but England would attack, and there would be an open battle between the two teams.

Here are the eighth finals of the European Championship

There was hardly a team in the group stage that could have won all of their matches, so amid the excitement it’s only getting together on Wednesday to see who plays who and where in the next round.

Europe talked about us in the morning, already in the evening about the qualifiers - live on about the European Championship


Hungary played a great match with Germany, but the European Championship was not the only one on Wednesday. The group rounds are over, so the eighth finalist pairs are formed as well.

We drew with the Germans in a great match


We went ahead until the 84th minute against the German national team, but Goretzka’s shot sealed our fate.