A little boy asked him for a picture, and the captain of the Danish national team stopped him.

Europe plays football

Europe is all about football for a month: a year behind schedule due to the pandemic, under somewhat changed circumstances, but here is the European Football Championship 2020. In addition, it is here that they play four matches in Budapest, and among the teams The 24 in the tournament there is also the Hungarian national team. Follow every moment and news of the Ibb series with the hvg.hu article series.

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Christian Eriksen was in Tidfelde, Denmark, where he was filming a young boy. In the photo taken that day, Eriksen poses in front of the camera with a smile, noting that the Danish captain’s recovery is going well.

It was Eriksen who collapsed on the field in the European Football Championship group match against the Finns, his heart stopped and he had to be revived. Two days later, I took a picture of him in his hospital bed, said he was better, and then a defibrillator was implanted in his chest to prevent a similar situation.

The photo was taken by chance of the footballer: the boy who posted it, Bjorn Bendzus, was on the beach on an ad campaign when he saw Eriksen on the beach. He gathered up his courage and addressed his pet and asked for a selfie. And the Inter Milan footballer said yes without thinking.

The Eriksen case also made particularly big waves in Hungarian sports: while they were fighting for the life of a footballer, György Bognar, who had been invited to the M4 Sport studio as an expert, was upset about why they had stopped playing. Bognar later disappeared from the screen, then apologized, citing the shock in his announcement.

Denmark's national football team, Christian Eriksen


They also need the encouragement that came from the best place available before Final Eight.

Denmark won the surprise tag team match surprisingly smoothly


After 1992, Denmark was in the top four, and the Czech Republic only had a few good moments.