Sports and cultural scholarships were distributed in Komárom

Friday, February 17, 2023 – 1:52 PM

At the February 16 meeting, Komárom’s representative body decided to award 95 percent of the €300,000 in the Sports Fund and €60,000 in the Cultural Fund. At the same time, Bella Keshig added, the city indirectly spends much more on sports and culture.

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the sports cardin 300 thousand euross, 273,000 euros are given to clubs, of which football and volleyball clubs receive the highest support – 57,000 euros – basketball teams also receive significant support.

€12,000 of the above amount will be used by the city for various purposes To organize sporting events And 50 thousand for infrastructure developmenteg at the kayak club or the tennis court. All these are the property of the city, so Komárom spends to develop its own property in this way.

Individual facilities – such as a swimming pool or gym – Cost of maintenanceIts significantly increased, however, clubs are still very favorable rentThey can use these facilities, and Entertainment CenterClubs receive additional bonuses, so the city indirectly spends more than the aforementioned 300 thousand euros on sports. In addition, there are also various grants for applications, so the actual amount is more than 1 million.

Bella Kszeg In his press conference on February 17, the mayor confirmed that a program aimed at Every little kid in Komarom should learn to swim. Council also decided A cultural fund of 60,000 euros About 95 percent distribution. The full list of beneficiaries and amounts can be found at comarome on his website.

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The mayor also talked about the fact that the city will allocate 30 thousand euros for summer in komarom To carry out its program, which will be attended by the most distinguished representatives of Hungarian culture. In addition to submitting applications, fortunately, the sponsors It also supports the cultural life of the city. the Tonks Cft. For example, it was funded by The cultural center of the municipality of Inegiri Beni and the official suite Replacing all of its stoves with energy-saving bulbs, and another sponsor is bringing special software to Egressy VMK Péntek József kissing in the room hall10 thousand euros in total.

Answering the question of our portal, Bella Keshig said that many were waiting for this very much Kumarom days A tender was launched to organize it, and three bids were submitted. A specialized committee has evaluated the bids, and the final part of the process is now under way. It has not yet been revealed who will get the right to stage the region’s biggest spring festival for the next four years, but it certainly won’t be the old team.

After a break of three years, the days of Kumarom will come together again

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to hold the largest spring festival in the region, Komaroom Days, in 2020 and 2021. Last year, only North Komaroom held the event,…

We haven’t received any information about the specific programs yet, that’s for sure On April 26th the Csillafort in the south of KomaroomThe ceremonial board meeting of the two cities will be held in the organized by Running race Komarom Komarnot too.

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I would like to include some programs Europe SquareBa, in addition, the family nature of the Komaromi days will also be highlighted, and many games will be waiting for children at the base of the castle.

There will be no printed program either, those interested will have access to it in electronic form.

North and south of Komaroom according to plans In the second half of March Will hold a joint press conference about Ayam Komarom.

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