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Split with zombies? See what the previous day would look like!

Split with zombies?  See what the previous day would look like!


This open world survivor MMO role-playing game is made worthy of attention based on the first video!

1/29/2021 15:53 ​​| Jerig | Category: Game

Many people like and not like the increasing number of thief games that have appeared in recent years, where the goal of the gameplay is always the same in the long run. To collect the little things indefinitely with the hope that every leap year we find something that represents the flywheel better than the things we have used so far.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. One of the most successful actors in this game. Why do I mention this game now? Because prof MyTona Publisher and Fantastic The new game, now announced by the studio, is yesterday In many elements he leads this game. Only with zombies. So there could be a tug of war in The Last of Us: Part Two as well …

So the previous day happened after a global catastrophe and I followed the usual scenario: A virus appeared, and there was no cure for it, half the population had been killed, and the survivors fussed back and forth hoping to get some supplies. We, too, will become a survivor who lives his life as a survival camp resident.

And this life of course revolves around the lottery, as you can see in the video above. We reach a major American city intersection in a car, then part with our buddy (because this is a tactic that always pays off in horror movies too …) and start exploring the area. One small bandage from a glove box, one small ammo, then go to the general store.

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As was the case after a zombie apocalypse, it is not only bloodthirsty people who can destroy the present day, but other survivors as well. Because they always needed exactly the last can of canned onion beans we dumped in an alleyway. This is how it will be now, and the end result will be three corpses and a large horde of zombies that have lured us in, chasing passionately to a skyscraper.

Well, we can pretty much expect this kind of adventure from The Day Before, but as you can see in the video: Dirt in comfortable and demanding workmanship. In the game – unlike The Division 2 – there will be no health points, that is, one shot per person. Or more shots if we’re weak. At the same time, we can’t lose much between the shootings, as our characters tend to freeze to death, die from thirst in an amateurish fashion, and even bleed if they don’t lick their wounds enough. So there will be two cowboy hats to look for during the raid.

The day before looks so promising based on what we’ve seen so far, and we can only hope that the studio grows up for the mission at their disposal. In the past, the team mainly made mobile games or helped make other, smaller caliber games. So now that could be a big jump for them, I hope they don’t get over the bar.

The Day Previous is only scheduled to be released on PC sometime in the second quarter, but we have reservations about this information at the moment … ■

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