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Specified: “Don’t have fun with me!” – Jerissi on the news of an invitation

Specified: "Don't have fun with me!"  - Jerissi on the news of an invitation

Striker Krisztián Géresi, who is doing better at the Puskas academy, has entered the national team, and on Sunday he can play against Mole Vervar, who has loaned him.

Krisztián Géresi scored twice and assists in 12 NB I Championship this season (Photo: Attila Török)

Not just a week ….

“Yes, I think so,” replied Krisztián Géresi, the Puskás academy striker, who had learned, in preparation for Sunday’s clash against Mol Fehérvár, who had loaned him, that Federal Captain Marco Rossi had called him to the national team qualifiers. March World Championship Qualifiers. “A lot of people say that in football, things change overnight, which is really true. We played at Kissvarda a good week ago, and although I was happy we won, I was also angry, because the match turned in such a way that I didn’t get into the field at the end. The league came against Újpest, I started, I scored the winning goal, and on Thursday I found out that I was in the national team.


From less pain to photography

Krisztián Géresi made his debut as a self-taught soccer player from Székesfehérvár at the age of 21, on November 28, 2015, in a 1–0 encounter against MTK in NB I, two weeks later he scored the last goal at the old Sóstói stadium (1-0 against Bucks). When he was replaced on December 2, 2017 at Ferencvaros’ home, he had been struggling with his waist for a long time, but despite trying several treatments, the situation did not improve. After physical therapy didn’t help, he underwent surgery at the National Spine Center in July 2019, and then underwent surgery with a groin hernia half a year later. Made last summer with Mol Fehérvár’s first tire, he was able to play football in a cutting edge match again on October 4, 2020 (5-1 against Újpest), and has strengthened Puskas Academy on loan since the end of January.

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What was your first reaction when it was discovered that he had received an invitation from Marco Rossi to participate in the World Cup qualifiers against Poland, San Marino and Andorra?
Our training ended on Thursday, we walked into the locker room when others said I was in the frame. We tease each other regularly, so I told them not to have fun with me and waited for them to pick the fake call they made, but then I got my phone in my hands and saw that they were looking for it from MLSZ. I’m not denying it, I was surprised because according to my own appreciation of value, I couldn’t play as often and as much as I wanted – I really wasn’t expecting to be able to draw attention to myself. It is with my pleasure that after such a long deletion my name is not mentioned at all, I am very happy!

– He played again in NB I after a nearly three-year hiatus in October, then secured four more champions in the fall, each time as a substitute. When Mull started winning a five-zero in the jpest at the start of spring, did he already know that he would be on loan to Puskas Academy in a matter of days?
It was clear that I wanted a change, as I didn’t get as many opportunities from coach Gabor Marton as I had hoped. Negotiations took place between the two clubs, and sporting director Zoltan Kovacs was very right in my case, so in the next round I played soccer against MTK as a player at Puskas Academy.

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In addition, he presented himself as a substitute for the winning goal. When he confirmed to Felcsút, everyone was sure Ferencváros would win the championship, Mol Fehérvár would be second, and other teams could have a chance to win a bronze medal at most. In contrast, the situation now is that Puskas Academy is the second, and if you defeat Mul Vervar on Sunday, you will be eight points away.
The truth is, when I moved on, I didn’t even look at the table, I was just inside that I wanted to play as hard as possible. I knew where to go, knew a lot of players from the frame, and we were starting to win matches, and that was playing in our hands as we entered the White Castle pit. In fact, we’d be great if we won Sunday, psychologically, success would mean a lot. If the difference increases by eight points, then we will be at a level where we can solve the silver medal.

– How did you feel when Zsolt Hornyák said after the match against Újpest that he wanted to substitute him before his goal, but at the same time considered him a footballer of exceptional ability?
I was expecting them to be substituted because I usually don’t spend much time on the field. When our substitutions appeared on the small bench, I knew I was going to come down soon, and fortunately the attack was before our target still fit. Zsolt Hornyák trusts me, it gives me opportunities, but I also owe a debt of gratitude to the physiotherapists, who practice spine regularly. The goal against Újpest was an extraordinary feeling, and it gives strength to what our coach said after the league.

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What could be the next step in your career?
We can talk about whether I scored a goal against pest or I was invited to the national team, but in football I have to play every day. The main thing now is that everything is going well for Friday training, after which I can help out in the tournament against White Castle. You have to go step by step, you don’t have to look far ahead.

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