2020. augusztus 23-án készült kép Petr Kellner cseh üzletemberről, a PPF pénzügyi befektető alapítójáról és többségi tulajdonosáról Prágában. Petr Kellner 2021. március 27-én 56 éves korában egy alaszkai helikopter-balesetben elhunyt. Az amerikai szövetségi légügyi hatóság tájékoztatása szerint a gépet Butte városka közelében érte a katasztrófa, egyelőre nem tudni, hogy miért. A balesetben öt ember meghalt, egy pedig súlyosan megsérült.

Special details about the death of the Czech billionaire have been revealed

As Infostart has already reported, Peter Kilner, a 56-year-old Czech billionaire who died in a private helicopter crash, crashed in Alaska, killing five with him, another Czech man and three other Americans, including 33 years old. The pilot of the helicopter was transferred to the Anchorage Hospital.

According to the US Federal Aviation Authority, the Eurocopter AS50 was hit by the disaster near the town of Butte, and the cause was not yet known.

The Czech portal idnes.cz informed that the helicopter

A group of skaters

Delivered. The accident occurred when the team embarked on so-called heli-skiing, an extremely expensive and risky sport in which a skier leaps from a helicopter to the top of an untouched mountain and then slides down a hilltop in pristine snow. .

This is what the sport itself looks like:

Wealth and influence

Foreign press reports confirmed to the 56-year-old Czech billionaire about a tragic accident of the Czech News Agency Kellner Mutual Fund, PPF (Prvý privatizačný fond). This investment group owns about 30 TV companies in Central and Eastern Europe, but Kellner also owns the Czech and Slovak companies affiliated with phone provider O2 and Home Credit.

Also in Slovakia, he was one of the most influential entrepreneurs, partly due to Marzza with an annual profit of 130 million euros and O2 Slovakia with an annual turnover of 300 million euros. The next company Kilner is interested in in Slovakia is SkyToll, which operates the toll system. Kellner was previously known only as the financial investor behind the company, but in business he is primarily his owner. CzechToll, which operates in the Czech Republic, is also owned by PPF. Hyureka is also in the company.

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Forbes recently estimated Peter Keller’s assets at $ 17.5 billion (€ 11.2 billion), with Kellner being on Bloomberg’s list with assets of $ 15.7 billion.

PPF has a presence in many countries from Europe to Russia, as well as interests in the United States and Asia. As of the end of June last year, PPF is managing approximately € 44 billion in assets.

In 2018, it bought the Czech construction company Telenor Hungary, and the company currently owns 75% of it. He also owns a local Skoda distributor and Mall Group.

Financial Field – Prof. Marked altitude gate According to his summary, it was built on the foundations of the Czech Insurance Company (Česká poisťovňa), which he bought a fifth of in 1996. He later converted PPF into a holding company and moved its headquarters to Amsterdam. Through the investment fund, it invested in about 200 companies and companies in the 1990s. Kilner anyway

Graduated in 1987 as an economist,

After a short start in the studio, his first real job was a company called Impromat, which imported cameras to Czechoslovakia, which was open at the time. Basically, Impromat had a group of friends and entrepreneurs (along with Kellner, Milan Vinkler, and Milan Maderyc), who

In 1991, he saw a great business opportunity in the privatization that associated with the then coupon.

In the Czech Republic, privatization was simplified after the regime change by giving citizens coupons that could be exchanged for shares in state-owned companies, either by bidding directly at auctions or by pooling them in investment funds. PPF was one such fund

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The businessman also owns O2 Arena in Prague.

He was one of the 500 richest people in the world, and the Czech is the only one in this group.

What motivates PPF to the helm remains a mystery.

Moneta Money fell 4.3 percent in Prague on Monday in response to the news. The other PPF investment, Czech Republic O2 shares, fell 0.8 percent.

In the movie

G7 compilation includes a legendary movie clip of about 20 seconds from 1989, in which he plays a statistic: he lets a girl at a house party through the door and then introduces her to another guy – then 25-year-old Peter Kilner, an assistant at Barrandov’s film studio near Prague, Mix in the role of the ring at lightning speed.

Mourning a human national

Czech President Milos Zeman, through his spokesman on the death, expressed his respect for the businessman for his success and “deeply regrets his tragic death.”

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis wrote on Twitter: “An unbelievable tragedy. I am very sorry to express my condolences to the family of Peter Kilner.”

The philanthropic efforts of Kilner, one of the leading figures in the Czech business world, focused on education and managed it through the Kilner Family Foundation, founded with his wife Renata Kilnerova.

PPF has donated 100 million CZK (nearly 1.4 billion Ft) to the government for respirators, masks and test kits in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

Peter Kilner’s funeral will be in a small family circle. A spokesman for his investment group called on everyone to respect the privacy of the Kilner family.

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“While his work was distinguished by incredible diligence and creativity, his private life was with his family and children,” the union said in a statement.

Opening Image: MTI / AP / CTK / Roman Vondrous

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