SpaceX builds newest launch station in Florida

SpaceX builds newest launch station in Florida

SpaceX prepares to launch a massive Starship Mars rocket from Florida as the company begins building a launch pad for Starship’s Launch Complex 39A near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center near Cape Canaveral.

The information in question came from Elon Musk’s announcement on Friday, that is, yesterday. In his position, the SpaceX chief specifically stated that construction of the Starship orbital launch station on the cape had begun and that 39A was a “dedicated spaceflight district”. It is believed that there is no place more worthy of a spacecraft launch center.

He added in another tweet that it will have similar but improved ground systems and a tower like Starbase. The Starship’s manufacturing and testing operations are currently concentrated at Starbase, SpaceX’s South Texas facility near Boca Chica on the Gulf Coast. The site has hosted test rides of several model vehicles in recent years.

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