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Spaces heated by windows – new heating system

Spaces heated by windows – new heating system

The new Hungarian heating system is the first of its kind in the world

It has entered the product stage and is already available to order from the Hungarian manufacturer, one of the most unique construction engineering developments in the world in recent years, which is based on local innovation. Under the umbrella of EGW Technologies, under the brand name EnerGoWindow (EGW), heated glass uses window surfaces as heat emitters, while the optical and other properties of the glass are unchanged and the material of the frames is indifferent.

The essence of EGW is that the heat-emitting surface is the glass itself, so there is no need for other mechanical equipment for building heating purposes, or the usual heat-emitting surfaces – radiators, inlaid floor and wall heating, hot plates, fan coils, etc. – Explanation of the head of the manufacturing company. László Szentesi added: In addition to mains electricity, when used as an exclusive heating solution, EGW only needs a glass surface of 20-30% of the floor area to be heated, which is always given in a newer building.

The efficiency of the system, which also acts as an infrared cooler, can be compared with the latest heating technology, which was also confirmed by the 2022 Scientific Lab test of the Faculty of Technology and Informatics of the University of Pécs. The same study and experiment confirm the excellent sensation of heat and fast operation, as well as the fact that heat release naturally occurs only in the direction of heated space.

The particularly eco-friendly solution can be regulated in any usual way, but it measures humidity and temperature, so its smart home software is also suitable for remote control or automatic control of ventilation, air conditioning or shading technology. The system is not only economical in terms of its operation, but also promises a quick return on investment, as the initial cost remains lower than that of a conventional building heating system, including heat pumps.

László Szentesi noted that this heating surface does not change the operation of the windows in any way, so it can still be opened, curtains can be placed on it, the glass is not reflected, and it does not affect its transparency. Additional devices that work on the same principle, such as a mirror or a towel dryer, can be installed in spaces such as bathrooms, where an adequately sized window is not often available.

The EGW Technologies system opens up a new perspective for builders, as well as architects and building engineers, while due to its characteristics, its “invisible” appearance, it can also be an obvious choice for renovations of a historical nature, for example.

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