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In November 2020, the SpaceX crewed spacecraft, Crew Dragon, which was launched to the International Space Station, entered Earth orbit on its first mission, and then a piece of it separated from it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere on July 9, 2022, producing on the one hand a beautiful sight and a sonic explosion. He attracted the attention of many, on the other hand, when he also crashed, and some of his pieces fell on the farms of two neighboring sheep breeders. The pieces that fell to the ground only a few days ago were found by the owner of the area, it was reported Watchman.

The part that forms the cylindrical body of the spacecraft is the communication element between the launch vehicle and the spacecraft, half of the outer part is covered by the solar panel, and the other half is a radiating element to release excess heat. In the final stage of the spacecraft’s repatriation, all these things are no longer needed, and they separate, after which the spacecraft lands after the braking maneuver, while the fuselage travels a separate path in our atmosphere, which is then indexed and its motion follows, then Come back after a while and that’s enough – part of.

And many watched it at dawn on June 9 over Australia It quickly turned into an amazing fireball, that this could be the torso of the spacecraft, and it was assumed that some of its pieces could reach Earth. They found it in New South Wales, in the pasture of a sheep breeder, which the owner, Mick Miners, at first thought was a burnt tree stump, and only upon closer examination, it turned out to be a foreign object. The cables and insulation materials in the burnt piece can also be clearly identified. The larger object is almost stuck to the ground. At 3 meters high (reminiscent of several Space Odyssey monoliths), in the vicinity of the farm, owned by Jock Wallace, is an almost smaller farm. A car door-sized piece landed. The farmers consulted first with the aviation authority, then with Australian National University expert Dr Brad Tucker Went to the scene To check the pieces, it was soon confirmed that they were the remains of SpaceX’s own spacecraft. Since then, a third piece has also been found, a little further out, but it is assumed that there will be more similar pieces. In such cases, SpaceX also maintains a hotline where you can report if someone has found a suspicious piece. Although no damage is done in this case, there is a related convention based on the fact that in the event of damage, the responsible space company will have to pay for it.

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These pieces, which have survived atmospheric re-entry, are performed primarily at the Pacific Spacecraft Cemetery, as far from Earth as possible, but in some cases, as now, reaching the surface above Earth. Space companies plan the paths of the vehicles in such a way that on their return they avoid mainly populated areas and land, the exception is the Chinese Long March 5B, pieces of which regularly hit the Earth, a few days ago Happened, about this Amazing video made in malaysia.

The first touched the ground for the last time in 43 years, in 1979 Huge piece of Skylab space station in Australia, near Esperance, the city’s municipality, in a somewhat humorous gesture, imposed a $400 fine on NASA for littering, which the space organization has not paid since, instead in 2009, at the request of a radio presenter, the municipality received the money From my student donation. A piece from the former space station can be seen in the City Museum.

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