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South Korea is building something never seen anywhere else in the world

South Korea is building something never seen anywhere else in the world

Let's close our eyes and think of Paris. What comes to mind? Maybe the Eiffel Tower. Now let's try the same thing with Sydney. The Sydney Opera House has almost certainly stood out in everyone's mind. What about Seoul? Maybe nothing. Although the capital of South Korea is also an economically strong and livable settlement, it does not have a single building that would enhance the city's international reputation with its unique design. This is the main reason behind the decision to build the Seoul Twin Wheel, the new giant wheel without brakes.

The idea of ​​the new landmark appeared at the beginning of the millennium, when South Korea and Japan co-hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup. At that time, a tender was announced to create a new national symbol, for which 181 entries were received. The winner at the time proposed a huge circular monument, which, 200 meters high, would be a striking element of the cityscape.

But not long after, questions arose about the feasibility of the plan. The spokeless wheel faced a number of engineering challenges, particularly stresses on the entire structure. Ultimately, the problems could only be solved at the cost of significant cost overruns, so the government rejected the idea in March 2001.

However, in 2023, the Seoul government announced the construction of a new landmark for the city: the Seoul Ring Zero was unveiled, which showed similarities to the original Seoul Ring and was planned at the same location. On the attraction – a huge Ferris wheel without spokes – each gondola sits on wheels connected together like a train. It moves independently on the wheel with the help of chains, while the wheel itself remains stationary. To understand the exact process, it's worth watching the video below, but what is certain is that if the structure is indeed completed, the South Korean capital could also be added to the list of capitals with notable landmarks.

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