South Korea, America and Japan started joint naval exercises

It was staged in response to North Korea testing a new underwater “nuclear attack system”.

South Korea, the United States and Japan began a joint naval exercise in Jeju Island on the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula on Monday.

The operation was carried out in response to North Korea testing a new underwater “nuclear attack system,” according to a press release from the South Korean Defense Ministry. During the military exercises, responses to potential threats from North Korea via water will be practiced, as well as simulated search and rescue operations.

South Korea, Japan and the United States last held joint naval exercises in September.

Pyongyang announced the test of a new underwater “nuclear attack system” in late March, according to North Korea’s official news agency, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) claiming that the nuclear-capable submarine is designed to launch surprise attacks on enemy naval strike units and ports. Main.

North Korea also conducted several missile tests in March. Pyongyang said it wanted to respond to the recently ended joint US-South Korean military exercise called Freedom Shield.

The communist regime sees such maneuvers as a major test of its territorial occupation and promises “subversive” action in response.

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