South Korea alerted its F-35A interceptor missiles

South Korea alerted its F-35A interceptor missiles

According to the information, the group of North Korean warplanes flew about 25 kilometers north of the demarcation line, which serves as the de facto common border.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff also said that North Korean warplanes were spotted south of the so-called special aerial reconnaissance line set up to monitor the air activity of North Korea’s neighbor, which always calls for a response from South Korea.

This is the second time in a week that Pyongyang’s leadership has ordered warplanes to fly to the common border amid tensions raised by North Korea’s repeated missile tests.

Shortly thereafter, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that North Korea had launched an unknown type of ballistic missile from its east coast that collided with the Sea of ​​Japan. The Japanese Coast Guard also confirmed the impact of the missile at sea.

The North’s Korean Central News Agency, citing a spokesman for the communist state’s General Staff, said Pyongyang had taken “strong military countermeasures” following the South Korean army’s alleged artillery drills on Thursday.

The Korean People’s Army (KPA) issued a strong warning to the South Korean army, which caused military tension along the front line with its reckless actions.

– says the statement.

However, a South Korean military spokesman said he had no information about the artillery fire mentioned by the North’s neighbor.

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