Soon, you will receive a copy of the next-generation corpse game

Soon, you will receive a copy of the next-generation corpse game

a GameSpot He wrote that an upgraded version of Mortal Shell (testing) for next-generation consoles will be released on March 4, the following Thursday. Which will work better on new hardware than Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Cold Symetry 15-person role-playing game will work on both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in 4K resolution while maintaining a refresh rate of 60fps. They’ve also created more detailed textures for it, so that’s what lots and lots of pixels will showcase. It even takes advantage of the special features of the DualSense controller, so we’ll hear whispers from it and feel the heartbeat in our hands. The S Series version will also have 4K resolution, but it will only output 30 frames per second.

Those who have already purchased the Mortal Shell for PS4 and XO will receive the next generation patch for free. On the other hand, others pay $ 30 for it (which usually means $ 30). And for those looking for an additional edition, you can get the Deluxe Set boxed Edition for $ 40, which includes a 140-page art book, a removable cover, and a few postcards.

Mortal Shell was released last summer for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Although the game is very short, it’s a very special Soulslike game (or we call it) where a user-controlled corpse gains abilities by confronting the body of dead heroes. This is what really makes a person’s appetite come true!

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