Soon, the Xbox will also be flooded with initial booms

Soon, the Xbox will also be flooded with initial booms

Accompanied by a new preview, Systemic Reactions announced that its offensive rudimentary game, Second Extinction, will also arrive at Microsoft consoles in the spring. An early version of the co-op will be available as part of the Xbox Game Preview on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

Second Extinction is a new development by the creators of Generation Zero that was rather poorly received, which is steamen It’s been available since October of last year. This game has better reviews in the hardware store, a websiteAnd according to the roadmap you see, new content is being added to it constantly, so the situation is encouraging. The essence of the second extinction is that once more Earth-covered dinosaurs must be chased to the brink of extinction for a second time, and we try to achieve this by completing three-person cooperative missions. And it’s not that simple because the mutant primitives spit out acid, blow off electricity, or do all sorts of other strange things that a dinosaur really shouldn’t. Also interesting in the game is how community activities affect how Creeper warfare develops on the big map, which in turn affects the missions.

Second Extinction is not yet known exactly when it will appear on Xbox consoles. As well as when can version 1.0 work.

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