Soon South Korea may also ban the consumption of dog meat

Soon South Korea may also ban the consumption of dog meat

Moon Jin, President of the Republic of Korea recently stated that he is seriously considering a ban on dog meat consumption and may even legalize it soon. Although this custom is no longer as common as it used to be, and is only more common among the elderly, animal meat is still available in a few restaurants and markets. Because of this, sophisticated and modern South Korea is at the crossroads of many animal welfare groups.

According to Moon Jin, President of the Republic of Korea
It’s time to carefully consider a ban on dog meat.”Especially as dogs are becoming more and more popular among dogs in the country, social consensus as well as many advocacy groups are also pushing for a ban.

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The aware animal care group A Commission poll this month showed that 78 per cent of local respondents said the production and sale of dog and cat meat should be legally banned, and that 49 per cent would also support a ban on consumption. According to a Realmeter poll, 59 percent of residents would support legal restrictions on the slaughter of dogs for human consumption.

Dog meat is banned in more and more Asian cities, yet millions of pets still fall victim to an “infectious tradition” that seems barbaric to Westerners.Source: Imaginechina / Stringer

It has a population of 52 million people in South Korea Estimated They keep 6 million dogs and 2.6 million cats. In the Asian country’s legal system, animals have so far been treated as objects, but a number of initiatives have been launched this year and an animal protection law is being drafted that recognizes animals as sentient beings and draws attention to their well-being and danger. It also puts the possibility against animal executioners. Animal welfare organizations have welcomed the local Justice Department’s plan in this regard, but at the same time they are urging a law banning dog meat.

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